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-For hundreds of years men and women have been seeking a solution for hair loss, which, eventually develops through time into baldness. Frustration with personal appearance can cause psychological problems in individuals suffering from extensive hair loss. People who suffer from problems like baldness, dandruff, excessive sebum in scalp, greasy hair, alopecia, weak and fragile hair are the ones who need to use Ervamatin Capillary Lotion, which has in its composition, amazing phyto-therapeutic agents that are found only in the AMAZON RAIN FOREST.

-Ervamatin is a natural product, created exclusively to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Men and women of all ages with all types of capillary problems can use this revolutionary product. All the ingredients used in this formulation are recognized by the CTFA (The Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association based in New York - USA). It is also recognized and accepted by WHO (World Health Organization).


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