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Ervamatin Hair Lotion

The ERVAMATIN HAIR LOTION provides effective and fast therapy for hair loss and its treatment ensures excellent therapeutic results. Recommended as a treatment for hair loss, hair regeneration, dandruff, alopecia, baldness, fragile and dry hair.
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24 carat Gold Revitalizer

A spa quality facial peel without damaging acids or abrasive polishing agents.Gold Revitalizer, sloughs off old, dead skin cells revealing fresh, smooth skin.
$200.00 excl tax $150.00 excl tax
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Wireless Waterproof Scalp Massager featuring deep tissue kneading with personalized speed and pressure adjustment. Interchangeable silicone massage heads can be replaced with soft brush heads for a deep and thorough face cleanse. The Breo iScalp massager features an innovative massage module that employs six traditional massage techniques: Stretching, Rubbing, Crimping, Grabbing, and Pushing.
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With 3 different massage modes, the iSee4 is designed to relax the muscles around the eyes (excluding the eye and eyelid).
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Codeco Nano Collagen

Codeco Nano Collagen is not ordinary Collagen. It is made by true Nano technology to boost absorption rate up to 99% and metabolize in our body efficiently.
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Codeco NanoCal Calcium

NanoCal is a supplement that has been approved by the US FDA as a preventing for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. NanoCal can actually reverse and prevent these conditions!
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Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream

Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream Enriched with Organic Gotukola Extract
$50.00 excl tax $40.00 excl tax
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OMEGAGOLD SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR HEART, YOUR JOINTS AND YOUR BRAIN MADE PURELY FROM SEAL OIL - WITHOUT CHEMICAL REFINEMENTS Related ailments include: • Diabetes • High Triglycerides • High Blood Pressure • Thyroid Malfunction • High Cholesterol • Pancreatitis
$45.00 excl tax $30.00 excl tax
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Pranajeewa Miracle oil Energy Boost

Pranajeewa is a traditional herbal medicine that has passed down from generation to generation. It is over 200 years old and is a proven cure for many kinds of diseases including Heart disease, Diabetes, hypertension, Cholesterol and Cancer. Sethsuwa Pranajeewa’s miraculous properties has made it the ideal cure for a multitude of other ailments and conditions, known among them are paralysis, Asthma, Catarrh, Skin diseases.
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Sagee for Brain Health

Combining best practices from Eastern herbal medicine and Western research, the Sagee capsule was developed after years of dedicated research by a team of scientists and herbal medicine specialists. SAGEE capsule is a pure natural herbal product extracted and refined through advanced GMP/ISO facility Canada. It is non-toxic, non-addictive and has no side effects.
$75.00 excl tax $60.00 excl tax
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Supherb Aloe Herb Toothgel

Supherb aloe vera toothgel combines the remarkable effectiveness of fortified aloe vera gel with super herbs in preventing plaque an infected gums. Working not only on the teeth but all the way to the gumline where many conventional tooth pastes can not reach.
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Sabona Trio Cable Stainless/Gold Magnetic

A unique style in cable bracelets! Three stainless steel cables connected together and accented by five 18K gold plated connectors, each containing a 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnet. Sabona chooses Samarium Cobalt magnets for long term durability and rust resistant qualities.
$149.00 excl tax $99.00 excl tax
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The iDream 260 adopts air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology to massage the regions around your head and eyes (excluding the eye and eyelid). It allows you to enjoy peaceful music while massaging, further relaxing your head and eyes.
$599.00 excl tax $499.00 excl tax
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Amazon Organic Shampoo

Amazon Organic Shampoo is for all hair types is rich yet mild, cleans well and leaves hair full bodied lustrous and manageable. Formulated with special Amazon herbs and Ayurvedic extracts to clean the hair naturally, leaving them silky and shiny, Reduces hair loss and Prevent premature grey hair.
$25.00 excl tax $20.00 excl tax
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Semi-Permanent Eco Hair Color

Dreamron Semi-Permanent Eco Hair Color is the newest innovation that is specially formulated for the people who are allergic to normal oxidative hair colorants which contain PPD & Ammonia. This is a gentle blend of unique herbal powders with HC colorants. It gives your graying hair a natural dark brown color which is very similar to black, leaving them looking younger & healthier.
$30.00 excl tax $25.00 excl tax
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Sabona Copper Thread Ankle Support

Wear Sabona Support Garments for (if symptoms persist, please seek medical help): injury caused by excessive exercise; general fatigue of joints and muscles; protection during sports training. Made in England.
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