Amazonia Clear Gel

The AMAZONIA CLEAR is the most efficient product developed and tested by dermatologists for the treatment of acne. The product has also been proven to be an effective treatment for women who suffer from melasma (Melasma or chloasma is a brownish discoloration of the face that occurs most often in women. Men can also develop this problem. The brown color often fades in winter.
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People around the world suffer from acne related problems, though this is normal it also causes embarrassment especially among young people are usually the main victims of this epidermal disease. The Opibra Group which is renowned for the Ervamatin Hair Lotion and the Fix Amazonia Super Gel, through extensive research at its modern research facility in Belo Horizonte, found a natural way to treat this epidermal disease better known as acne and pimples. In new researches conducted about Proionibacterium acnes (the infectious agent commonly involved in this epidermal disease), it was noticed that, when combined with natural agents extracted from plants found in the Amazon Rain Forests, the proliferation of microorganisms that caused these inflammations (acnes and pimples) was greatly inhibited.

 Pharmaceutics and doctors who had sound knowledge and experience of plants and their many healing properties conducted these studies. After a large number of scientific studies of plants involved the Biotechnologists from the Opibea Group formulated the AMAZONIA CLEAR.

The Amazonia Clear is a gel with phytobotanic actives. It has in its composition natural therapeutic plant extracts from the Amazon rainforests. The Amazon Clear has a fast absorption base that penetrates and acts immediately on the skin. The Amazon Clear Gel prevents against infections and/or inflammations on the skin and also helps in regenerating damaged epidermal cells. The Amazonia Clear Gel is totally natural, non-toxic and can be used on sensitive skins with no side effect.  



Amazonia clear gel must be used on a clean dry skin especially on the areas affected by acne and pimples. The affected areas are usually the face, body, neck and back and the gel is to be used for 3 to 4 times a day on the areas affected by acne.

Within a few days of using the product the individual will begin to notice the difference. The Amazon Clear acts on the inflammation process, attacking the bacteria and controlling the oily secretion thus closing the pores and promoting a regeneration of the damaged skin.

Amazonia clear can be used during the day, and users can expose themselves to sunlight without any reservations.  



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