2 sets Ervamatin™ & 2 Organic Shampoo

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The ERVAMATIN HAIR LOTION provides effective and fast therapy for hair loss and its treatment ensures excellent therapeutic results. Recommended as a treatment for hair loss, hair regeneration, dandruff, alopecia, baldness, fragile and dry hair.
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2 sets Ervamatin™ & 2 Organic Shampoo


 Ervamatin hair lotion, with Amazon Forest herbs is the only natural product with proven results with millions of Satisfied Men and    Women.

 It is proven to be effective against baldness, dandruff, hair loss, excessive sebum in the scalp, greasy hair, and alopecia.•  It has huge success all over America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

How to use

This product must be applied to the scalp twice daily 5 to 6 ml, gently massaging it into the scalp for 30 seconds. You do not need to wash or rinse the hair. Patients using ervamatin are advised to use an Organic shampoo when washing their hair daily or twice three times a week.

Amazon Organic Shampoo 

Amazon Organic Shampoo is for all hair types is rich yet mild, cleans well, and leaves hair full-bodied lustrous, and manageable. Formulated with special Amazon herbs and Ayurvedic extracts to clean the hair naturally, leaving it silky and shiny, Reduces hair loss and Prevents premature grey hair.


Use a neutral or natural shampoo.

To keep the beauty of hair is necessary to have a healthy alimentation.