Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream

Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream Enriched with Organic Gotukola Extract
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Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream ! 

Eyes are the most expressive feature of the face. The delicate skin around the eyes is also the most susceptible to effects of ageing and stress. Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream renews moisture to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes where first signs of ageing are most likely to show. The extract of Gotukola in Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream helps stimulate collagen formation, which increases elasticity of the skin around the eye area, reducing wrinkle formation and swelling of the skin under the eyes. The nourishing properties of Gotukola extract also prevent formation of dark circles around the eyes. Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream also contains Haloxyl, which helps reduce swelling and lines in the eye area. This unique ingredient reinforces firmness and skin tone around the eyes, reducing dark circles. Nature's Secrets Under Eye Cream keeps your eyes looking fresh and free of dark circles, making your face look radiant.


Stimulates collagen production, Enhances skin elasticity around eye area. Reduces dark circles, imporves skin tone, Reduces eye bags/visible signs of aging. Nourishes delicate skin around eyes.


common names of centella include సరస్వతిఆకు (sarswathi aku) in Telugu; കുടവൻ (kudavan), മുത്തിൾ (muththil), or കുടങ്ങൽ (kudangal) in Malayalam; থানকুনি (thankuni) in Bengali; ගොටුකොල (gotu kola) in Sinhala; मण्डूकपर्णी (mandukaparni) in Sanskrit; ब्राम्ही / ब्राह्मी (brahmi) in Marathi: ಒಂದೆಲಗ (ondelaga) in Kannada; வல்லாரை (vallaarai) in Tamil;brahmi booti in Hindiperook in Manipuri; মানিমুনি (manimuni) in Assamesetimare in Tulutangkuanteh in Paite; ब्रह्मबुटि (brahmabuti) or घोडताप्रे (ghod-tapre) in Nepali; and खोलचाघायँ (kholcha ghyan) in Newari (Nepal Bhasa).



 is responsible for the manufacturing of Under Eye Cream and they take full responsibly for their claims. 

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